Why POS (point of sale) System is necessary to every restaurant even In India also?

India is also a globalized country and now every city of India has a digital city. There are more than 50,000 Restaurants and 500+ well known Hotels. All These hotels and restaurants needs have software that will manage restaurants give benefits

Let us explain some features of POS

1) Sales Reports:  Owner can calculate total business of particular day, week and months, POS record all data in machine

2)  Adapt the Product Offers: it also accept the offer of product like sale discount and much more one days bases,


3) Save Time: It save time like generate bill take order and calculate time


4) Preferment Loyalty Program:  It can’t possible to cheat it because it is not Human, it is software,  with owner so it is a symbol of loyalty


5) Employee Management: It has ability to manage employees like their working role, timing, and number of booking.


6) Reduce Mistakes:  This is a software so there are also reduce mistakes because everyone know possibility of mistake of computer is 0.01% so it reduce mistakes very much