How do i improve software performance ?

Now this is 2020 year coming and everyone know what is software in think it is not wrong if I said that  in urban area only 5% people says that they don’t use software. Rest of all use software in different medium

Software is based on following things


Designing is a part of software  in which we make visual part of software in means graphics and icons menu bar animation videos images and much more .  Everyone not from technical background but they use very well. It’s make software easy to use. And definitely it play important role to improve software performance



It is main part of software in which logic’s of computer run. All Function of software created by coding. Without coding software is nothing.


testing is the process where a non technical or you may say that non IT person check the software work properly or not and what changes makes software more relevant


Updating :

updating of software play very important role. it makes changes on software according to users need

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